About the Brewery

The art of beer making is thousands of years old. There are many brewery websites which tell you how beer is made. This is very interesting if you make beer but can be very dull if you only enjoy drinking it.

Hen House Brewery could claim that the beers are made exclusively by chickens;

- that the grains are collected and placed in the mash tun with    
  great care by many little beaks

- that feathery wings operate the valves and switches of the
  hop boiler

- that beady eyes check the labels for straightness during 
  labelling the bottles...

But they are not. It is just the name of the brewery. 

Hen House Brewery makes a genuinely hand made craft beer, in small quantities, unfiltered and unpasteurised.

The beers are available only from the brewery shop, which is open on Saturday afternoons between two and four o'clock. That's it.