Special edition beers

The first special edition beer was No. 60 - Diamond  - brewed to mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.  The sixty numbered bottles of a light coloured bitter type beer, 5.2% ABV, sold rapidly.

The second special edition beer was No. 5 Olympic - brewed to mark the Olympics in London.  
The sixty numbered bottles of a darker bitter beer, 5.1% ABV, sold out quickly.

The third special edition beer was made for Hallow-e'en: No. 31 Bewitched. Made with honey, Sweet Gale seeds and orange zest, it was a strong blonde beer at  7. 2% ABV. Now sold out.   

No. 14 Valentine was the fourth special edition beer. A red-gold colour, it was single hopped with Amarillo and had an ABV of 4.5%. Alas, all gone now.

The fifth special edition beer was No. 53 Coronation
. A strong bitter beer, with an ABV of 6.5%, this was made to mark the Queen's coronation in 1953.  All sold out.  

Sixth special edition beer No. 87 Tempest, was a black Pale Ale. ABV 6.8%.  Brewed to mark the 26th anniversary of the great storm of 1987. All sold out now.

No. 39 Regatta  - an aromatic bitter of 4.5%ABV single hopped with Citra. A celebration of the regattas on the middle Thames throughout the summer months. Sold out now.

No. 92 Bridge - a dark pale ale - was brewed to mark the reopening of the bridge in Whitchurch on Thames - now sold out.

A further special edition beer - No. 11 Poppy -  was made to mark Remembrance day 2014. This will be brewed on a regular basis replacing No1 Bitter.

The first special edition beer for 2015 was No. 2 Fowl Ale, a golden pale ale, brewed to mark Hen House Brewery's third birthday. ABV 6.3%. All sold.

Mosca Milo, the eleventh special edition beer, was brewed to celebrate the 15th birthdays of our two Siamese cats. A pale ale made with amber malt, "Mosca Milo" had an ABV of 6.3%. Sold out rapidly. 

No. 5 Guido, a strong stout, was brewed to mark Guy Fawkes 2015. This now replaces No.3 Black.

In spring 2016 Little Red Hen - a red beer was on sale and sold out very rapidly.

A small number of bottles of Gentle Coz  were made to mark the Shakespeare celebrations of 2016 and for a family party. All sold now.

V - marks hen House's fifth bithday, and is on sale now.

No.80, 1937 will be on sale verysoon.